Support Units


We have a trained and dedicated team available 24 hours a day to meet all the  demands of patients and doctors, ensuring that routine procedures are carried out more effectively, with quality and safety.

Nutrition and Dietary Service

The Clínica São Vicente provides its patients with specialist and exclusive nutritional assistance.


The Clínica São Vicente team consists of specialist professionals in respiratory and motor physiotherapy and is available 24 hours a day.

Hospital Psychology

The Clínica São Vicente has a trained team to lower the level of stress and anxiety arising from admission. The Hospital Psychology Service operates in partnership with the medical teams in looking after patients and their relatives. To obtain psychological evaluation, call (55-21) 2529-4613 or speak to the nursing staff.

Hospital Infection Control Committee (CCIH)

The Clínica São Vicente is extremely rigorous in its approach to controlling hospital infection. The Control Committee is pledged to the adoption of measures to reduce hospital risks, including in exceptional and/or emergency cases. Further information is available at the following phone number: (55-21) 2529-4602.