Angiology and Vascular Surgery

This specialty area is dedicated to the diagnosing and treatment of diseases of the arteries and veins (blood vessels) and the lymphatic vessels, such as varicose veins, erysipelas, inflammation of the veins (phlebitis), aneurysms and vein thrombosis.


The Cardiology Service carries out the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the heart and the circulatory system, such as high blood pressure, excessive cholesterol and other fats in the blood, angina and heart attacks. The specialist area includes a cardiology practice, cardiovascular surgery, electrophysiology, hemodynamic (catheterization) and cardiac imaging exams made through latest generation tomography.


The Clínica São Vicente no longer outsources its Hemodynamic Service but provides it internally and can rely on latest  generation equipment, such as the Arts Zee Floor, by Siemens, that provides totally digital images with high resolution that ensure a faster, more precise diagnosis. This machine allows the Hemodynamic Service to expand its ability to handle highly complex cases, and is an essential tool in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Its use also enhances this treatment for the neuroradiology, vascular surgery and interventionist radiology areas. The investment in the Hemodynamic service consolidates the Clínica São Vicente´s positioning in this specialty which has been strengthened with the acquisition of a machine with such a great differentiation.


Electrophysiology makes the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases such as arrhythmias. In electrophysiology, studies of electrophysiology, radiofrequency ablation, pacemaker implantation, resynchronizers and defibrillators are carried out. The Clínica São Vicente´s staff includes highly respected professionals who are recognized for their specialist knowledge.

General Surgery

The treatment is carried out by doctors who are acknowledged experts in the specialty. One of the focuses is on bariatric surgery for obesity treatment, a disease that has become a global epidemic and brings a series of serious complications for different organs and structures of the body.

Internal Medicine

This specialty is recognized in the Clínica São Vicente for its excellence and all-round approach. The patients are diagnosed and treated in a comprehensive way. If necessary, they are sent for treatment by other specialists.

Neurosurgery and Neurology

The neurology and neurosurgery services in the Clínica São Vicente are recognized internationally and include doctors who are references among their peers. Patients with diseases of the central, peripheral and autonomous nervous system receive updated and personalized treatment, including minimal invasive procedures that lead to a better recovery and greater safety.


The Clínica São Vicente´s orthopedics service is outstanding in terms of the diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases of the spine, muscular problems, in the bones and ligaments, bone and joint traumas, and provides a differentiated and qualified treatment.


The Clínica São Vicente is a benchmark in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the urinary tract in men and women, such as urinary infection, cystitis, incontinence, kidney calculi, and urethra and bladder diseases. This specialty also treats problems in the male reproductive organs and their structures (testicles, seminal vesicles, prostate and penis), including erectile dysfunction and infertility.


The Radiology area, coordinated by the radiologist Ester Labrunie, has Siemens SOMATOM Perspective 128 model tomography equipment. This represents a technological breakthrough and provides wider cover, lower radiation doses and better temporal and special resolutions. The Clínica São Vicente offers this service with technical excellence and the best specialists. The Radiology department works in partnership with the Cardio Image Service, coordinated by the cardiologist Ilan Gottlieb and his team, which consists of cardiologists Maria Eduarda Derenne and Gabriel Camargo.

Others specialties

Buccomaxillofacial, Neck and Head Surgery, Hand Surgery, Gynecological Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Digestive Endoscopy, Gynecological Endoscopy, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Hematology, Hepatology, Infectology,  Nephrology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Pneumology/Thoracic, Coloproctology,  and Intensive Therapy.