The Clínica São Vicente was opened in 1933 by two young doctors, Genival Soares Londres, a cardiologist from Paraiba state, and Aluisio Cavalcanti Marques, a neuropsychiatrist from Pernambuco state. It operated as a nursing home until 1942. During this period, it mainly looked after patients with psychiatric, heart and geriatric illnesses or who needed a long period of convalescence. In the 1960s and 1970s, thanks to the initiative of Dr. Luiz Roberto Londres, the son of Dr. Genival Londres, the Clínica São Vicente opened to other specialties and started to operate as a general hospital. The Genival Londres Research and Development Center (local acronym CEGEL) was inaugurated in the 1970s.

The Clínica São Vicente is an outstanding institution, thanks to its trailblazing activities in different areas of medicine. Dr. Genival Londres was one of the first to use an electrocardiogram machine in Brazil while Dr. Aluisio Marques was recognized for his research in neurology. The Clínica São Vicente was the precursor among private hospitals in Rio de Janeiro , heart and bone marrow, to create a committee on controlling infection in a hospital environment, develop medical residence services and an ombudsman service for doctors and patients. It was the first hospital in the Rio-São Paulo corridor to open a Burns Unit and the first in the Americas to obtain the complete ISO 9002 quality certification in 1997, amongst other initiatives and recognitions.

The Clínica São Vicente is recognized today for its excellence and the constant enhancement of its human and material resources. At the same time, it makes great efforts to offer its patients medical treatment with a human touch and comprehensive approach, which gives them greater comfort, safety and quality treatment.

The hospital has 97 beds and receives around 18,000 patients a year in the Emergency Sector and registers an average of 7,000 admissions annually. It  provides treatment in different specialties, highlighted by angiology and vascular surgery, general surgery, cardiology, health care accompaniment, neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics, urology. It has Assistance Units in cardiology, intensive and emergency care, as well as Short-term Bed and other specialist services, such as hemodynamics, electrophysiology, imaging diagnosis, psychology, physiotherapy, speech therapy and a pharmacy.

Dozens of celebrities have been treated there. It was in one of the Clínica São Vicente suites that the writer, poet and diplomat, Vinicius de Moraes, and guitarist and composer, Baden Powell, watched by the young composer and singer, Chico Buarque, finalized the song “Pra que chorar”. The lyric, which means “What´s the point of crying?”, was inspired by the weeping of the relatives of a neighboring patient who was suffering. Brazilian president Café Filho, who stood down due to health problems in the 1950s, was also a patient, as was the writer Oswald de Andrade. The actor Grande Otelo practically had his own room. More recently, the football player Neymar was admitted for surgery on his nose.