Assistance Units

The Clínica São Vicente has three Assistance Units.

Intensive Care Unit

The Clínica São Vicente was a pioneer in terms of intensive care among private hospitals in Rio de Janeiro and its Intensive Care Unit has three units with 27 beds. Intensive Care Unit 1 is a mixed sector for clinical and post-surgery cases and cares for patients in more complicated situations who need greater intensive support, such as mechanical ventilation, hemodynamic assistance and dialysis.

Intensive Care Unit 2 gives preference to patients who have undergone semi-complicated procedures involving orthopedics, neurosurgery, thorax and abdominal surgery, such as treatment for obesity. Relatives in the Intensive Care Unit 2 can spend 24 hours a day with the patient, a measure that makes the treatment more humane.

Intensive Care Unit 3 is for patients who need to spend a long time in hospital. It is integrated to the Semi-Intensive Care Unit.

Our teams are trained to carry out assistance in an integrated way. The Intensive Care Service is coordinated by Dr. Arthur Vianna, a specialist in this kind of  treatment.

Intensive Cardiology Unit

The Clínica São Vicente Intensive Cardiology Unit has 10 beds and the facilities to care for patients with acute cardiovascular illnesses, arterial hypertension crises, cardiac arrhythmias and acute myocardial infarction, amongst other illnesses that require better cardiology treatment. The Intensive Cardiology Unit is supported by hemodynamic (catheterization, angioplasty), electrophysiology (cardiac arrhythmias) and heart surgery, as well as tomography and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, a 24-hour Emergency service and other sectors. The Intensive Cardiology Unit is coordinated by cardiologist Dr. Lilian Carestiato. All the Intensive Care Units work in an integrated way with the physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychology and pharmacy areas. Patients are treated by highly specialized and trained teams and this ensures they are physically comfortable and have psychological support and safety.

Emergency Sector

The Clínica São Vicente Emergency Sector can handle any situation that requires first aid, complementary exams and medical intervention. It has nine beds, with cardiac monitoring and digital oximetry, linked to a continuous monitoring center, resuscitation and procedure rooms, as well as two consultancies. The doctors in the Clínica São Vicente emergency team are ready to provide complete assistance to patients who need the service. The Emergency Sector is coordinated by cardiologist Dr. Felipe Camillis.

Day Hospital (Short-term Bed unit)

The Clínica São Vicente has a Short-term Bed unit with a room for outpatient surgery, which is in line with the best medical standards, and five beds for patients admitted for up to 12 hours, under a day hospital system or admission for more than a day. The sector carries out small and relatively uncomplicated procedures for outpatients in a number of specialist areas such as ophthalmology, gastroenterology, pneumonology, urology, plastic surgery and video endoscopy, amongst others.